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The RS3 brand includes six separate entities: Round Rock Express, Express Youth Baseball, RS3 Events & Entertainment, RS3 Strategic Hospitality, RS3 Turf and the Nolan Ryan Foundation. The main challenge with this project was to create a cohesive brand that captured each of these entities while displaying their unique attributes and services.


Ryan Sanders Sports and Entertainment is a premier sports and entertainment operator and ownership group. RS3 founded the Round Rock Express and Corpus Christi Hooks.


We used content and design strategies to re-imagine and invigorate RS3’s digital presence.
When users visit the main RS3 site or any of the six sub-sites today, the brand message and design are immediately identifiable.
The user pathways between each sub-site and the main site are also clear and easy, making it simple for users to navigate.


We met with team members from each RS3 entity to develop a cohesive brand strategy that would incorporate each unique element of the brand.

After gathering all the information needed, we developed strong brand identities for each RS3 element that were complementary to each other and the larger RS3 brand.

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