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Many window and door companies use door-to-door marketing and sales strategies. These methods can be time consuming and not all potential customers respond to this approach. Energy One wanted to improve the company’s online presence while still maintaining the personal feel of door-to-door calls.


Energy One Windows is a home improvement company that markets and installs high-performance, energy efficient windows and patio doors.


The Energy One Windows website and digital branding strategy focuses on building the company’s customer base without needing to dedicate more personnel to door-to-door sales.
This solution automated some of the company’s processes without losing the sense of connection and hands-on customer support.


We planned a phased approach for this client that started with a website and laid the foundation for the future rollout of a mobile app.

We offered continuous consulting through product development, advising the company on how the next phase should be implemented and how to collect and incorporate feedback from users.

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