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It’s no secret that athletes make great motivational speakers with their stories of courage, perseverance, teamwork and overcoming all odds.

Many current and former professional athletes have a desire to tell their story and inspire others, but don’t have a platform to advertise or connect with organizations wanting to hire them.


Athlete On Demand allows users to directly book professional athletes and sports celebrities for events and speaking engagements.


Athlete on Demand empowers current and retired professional athletes transitioning to entrepreneurship by eliminating middle men like booking agents and giving athletes more control over their business careers.
The simple online platform makes booking easy and affordable.


We developed a business plan for this product that included market research, mockup designs and prototypes, and promotional videos.

The product design went through several stages as we honed in on market demand and the specific target audience. Our brand strategy included using the founder’s personal background as an engagement point.

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