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Mental health services are critical, but traditional therapy can be expensive and time-consuming.

There is also a stigma attached to therapy and counseling that may prevent many from utilizing these resources.


VentSpace is a free app where people can anonymously discuss mental health topics, share their challenges and support each other. The instant, anonymous nature of the platform creates a positive safe zone for users to express themselves in transparency without fear of judgment.


VentSpace creates an instant solution for individuals struggling with mental health challenges or who just need someone to talk to.
It does not replace professional therapy, but it provides a safe outlet for users to express themselves.
The app also contains a section for mental health resources if users require professional help.


We identified a brand personality for this product based on audience research and user demographics. Through studying the market, we determined what elements were being called for in a personal development mobile app and used our findings to plan the design and content.

We also identified that a phased rollout of this product would be most effective, beginning with a simple version in which users simply shared stories and received feedback from other app users.

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