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Manually tracking homework assignments and due dates can be challenging for parents, students and teachers. Papers get lost, dates get forgotten and parent-teacher communication can be disorganized.

Few organization tools for teachers incorporate all elements of classroom management into an easy, virtual platform.


TeachPar is an online tool for teachers that allows them to manage assignments, class calendars, parent communication and more. Parents can receive notifications about due dates and events and can download or upload homework directly to the platform.


With a modern, intuitive, responsive interface, TeachPar seamlessly connects parents and teachers for improved student learning and better organization.
Easy-to-use features include individual student profiles, parent portals, multimedia sharing tools, parent-teacher messaging, notifications, and student calendars.


Our strategy for this project included planning a subscription model for teachers and schools and creating relevant blog content that would draw users to the site and keep the platform ranking high in search results.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect schools, we also developed new systems for marketing TeachPar to teachers managing their classrooms remotely.

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