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While many businesses have started requiring contactless temperature checks to limit the spread of COVID-19, few have a way to track and store the information so it can be helpful to future customers.

The lack of trackable data means information about symptoms and confirmed cases spreads slower and more people have the potential to be infected.


ShareTemp is a mobile application that allows businesses and app users to track data regarding COVID-19 symptoms. Users opt-in to have their temperature stored in the system after it is taken at a gym, business, school or public facility.


ShareTemp allows businesses that require contactless temperature checks to store and track each temperature.
If a user’s temperature is above the normal range, the system notifies all other businesses that have recently checked in that customer.
Since COVID-19 and other viruses can be transmittable before they are symptomatic, this platform allows users to be as informed as possible about potential health risks.


The ShareTemp platform is a simple concept but a novel one. The central strategy here was to build awareness and credibility for the brand.

We studied the market and talked with local businesses interested in testing a prototype of the software. From there we were able to scale the product and build out content and design strategies.

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