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African American college graduates face an unemployment rate two times the average of their white counterparts, and HBCUs are not always included on job recruiters’ must-visit lists.

In addition, traditional online job boards such as Indeed are not always effective.


RecDiv is an online job platform built specifically for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Employers can post jobs or internships on the platform and HBCU students can directly apply, schedule interviews, and access additional resources such as job fairs.


RecDiv provides the opportunity for employers to hire HBCU undergraduate and graduate students from a direct online portal that is created specifically for HBCU.
It supports employers who are looking to include more diversity and culture within their organizations, and may help improve HBCU retention and graduation rates.


This is a niche product with few direct competitors but many indirect competitors, including big online job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed.

The strategy with this product was to hone in on the specific market and make direct connections with HBCU. We conducted extensive market research to identify the pain points for HBCU and used our findings to develop an email campaign to market the product.

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