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About 17,000 children are sent to emergency rooms for school-bus-related injuries every year.

Many children are also accidentally left behind or, even worse, left on the bus without their parents’ knowledge.

Some school systems have attempted to address this problem with digital ID tags for students, but these can be easily lost or forgotten.


Bus Kids Safe is a mobile app and online software that allows parents and schools to track school buses in real time and get notifications about pickups, dropoffs and delays.


We developed a digital solution that would improve safety for school-aged children and provide peace of mind for parents while addressing some of the challenges with ID Tags.
The Bus Kids Safe mobile application is less expensive than ID tag systems. It integrates with existing school system software and does not require additional hardware.
The versatile nature of the mobile app allows it to be scaled and adapted to address new school-related safety concerns, such as the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the app can also be used to log students with COVID-19 symptoms.


This software has moderate competition, so we used design and marketing strategies to set the brand apart from competitors.

These strategies included highlighting the ease and affordability of the product and getting featured on the local news by framing the software as a product created by a local, concerned father.

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