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Many personal chef websites set the rates for their chefs and take a percentage of the fee paid by customers. This means that either chefs are paid less or the service is more expensive for customers.

Few meal service websites also offer a mobile app that allows users to conveniently and quickly book meal services.


Best Local Chef is a mobile app and online platform that allows users to search for top-rated personal chefs in their area. The platform was originally developed with short-term-rental guests as the target audience. Because of COVID-19, the design pivoted to allow any user to book meal services.


With Best Local Chef, personal chefs can set their own schedules and rates. The peer-to-peer platform allows them to list their services without paying a third party fee.
This encourages more high-quality chefs to register on the platform and also keeps fees low for end users.
The mobile app makes the software more accessible than a desktop-only platform.


Best Local Chef launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that fewer potential customers were traveling or booking short-term-rental homes.

Since travelers were the platform’s original target demographic, we created a strategy to modify the brand to appeal to a wider audience. We also developed a content and email marketing strategy to engage a wider demographic.

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